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Whipped Cream Challenge

I just posted 'Sometimes Change Is A Good Thing' on Wattpad!

Go read my fic guys!!! Tell me what you think of it! Comment on it, vote for it, become a fan of me!!! Please would mean so much!

I just posted 'Sometimes Change Is A Good Thing - You're An Angel? Hahaha' on Wattpad!

Chapter 3 is up! Go read it and if you haven’t read chapters 1 and and 2 then you should do that as well!!! (: 

I just posted 'Sometimes Change Is A Good Thing - My Brother, I look Up To Him' on Wattpad!

Guys please go read my Fic! I just put chapter 2 up a couple of days ago and am now working on chapter 3! Almost done! Please vote comment ect and tell me what you think! 



the notes?


I cried when I saw this episode. )”:

OH MY GOSH! On holiday gatherings, my cousin and I go and whisper these lines in peoples ears >.<